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Through The Caution And Danger EP (Free Download)

Happy Leap Day! I figured this would be a great time release an EP. It’s called “Through the Caution and Danger”, featuring 3 tracks: ANTI, Forgot Yer Name and Kerouac. I have come to the conclusion that releasing EPs with 3-5 tracks is the way to go, instead of taking a long time sitting on [...]

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Kerouac and new EP on the way

Hi all! Its been ages since any updates. There have been a lot of changes in the past months: namely that Andalusian Dog is now a solo project. But! the good news is that there is an EP on the way! I was hoping to have it done before I go on vacation but alas [...]

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BOOM! New Demos!

AIght, been feeling guilty about not updating as much as we can..unfortunately we have some thing we have to take care of in the real world of work and to make it up to you guys here are two demos for BDSM and The Menace…stream/download and enjoy! BDSM Demo by andalusiandog The Menace DEMO [...]

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Colors Form Demo

Wow, its been a while since we posted something here, we’ve been pretty busy with recording and writing. We also did a basement show at The Burrow, hosted by the local DC music blog Static On The Wave It was a very enjoyable show…Very glad to have played out again; especially seeing the kids dance [...]

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“Anti” Demos

Hello friends! Just want to share a few demos of our song “ANTI”. Ironically, the first time we played it live was probably the last time we played a gig. The live recording of the song was circulated among friends and proved to be pretty well received. So now, as me and Tony go forward [...]

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Gear Lust

Gear lined up at the studio….waiting for the go signal for recording. Tweet

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The Bowl – Work in progress

I came home the other night and decided to strum on the acoustic guitar for a lil bit and ended up playing this rather simple chord progression. I added a few beats to it on Ableton Live and viola! a rough demo for a track that for right now I’m calling “The Bowl”. The guitars [...]

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building up the rig

Went to see my friend Adam’s band The Mob Warehouse play last night at the Red Palace; awesome show as usual but more importantly it really sparked the desire to play live again. But, patience has to be observed since we still need to record and write new material that would work for this new [...]

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Hello again to all my friends, tonight we’re gonna play some Rock n’ Roll!!

Hello people of the internets! It has been a quiet few months for us here in the Dog House (for a lack of a better term, at least its better than Dog Camp), and rest has been probably for the best. First, we are now officially a duo– me (Albert) and Tony; as we have [...]

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