“Anti” Demos

Hello friends!

Just want to share a few demos of our song “ANTI”. Ironically, the first time we played it live was probably the last time we played a gig. The live recording of the song was circulated among friends and proved to be pretty well received. So now, as me and Tony go forward with recording our next LP (maybe EP first?) we’ll probably release some early demos for your listening pleasure (we hope!)

There’s a certain deadline looming ahead that keeps us pretty productive– we have a semi-secret show by the end of March; and we really have to get all the drum tracks for the songs done and set up for live use. We’ll be using Ableton to trigger the drum loops via APC40 (still have to figure out how to set up the FCB1010 footswitch)

A few notes regarding these demos:
- the vocals were done under the cover of a bed comforter over my head and the vocal mic to reduce sound reflections. Now I do have a “ghetto vocal booth” but I wanted to see what the results would be like. It sounds (and definitely looks) ridiculous but for a demo track, the results are pretty good. So if you don’t have space for a vocal booth at home, think about the Bed Comforter technique!

- There’s two versions, one is with more acoustic drum kit (Abbey Road 70s drums) with minimal glitch effects…the other is a bass and glitch heavy version. Both with rough mixing done and pretty generic mastering preset treatment. I played the Bass heavy version in my car, and boy, it does rattle the side mirrors.

Anyways, enough talking..here are the tracks…You can also download them! (just click on the down arrow on righthand side of the player)

ANTI DEMO by andalusiandog

ANTI DEMO- BASS GLITCH version by andalusiandog

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