Hello again to all my friends, tonight we’re gonna play some Rock n’ Roll!!

Hello people of the internets!

It has been a quiet few months for us here in the Dog House (for a lack of a better term, at least its better than Dog Camp), and rest has been probably for the best. First, we are now officially a duo– me (Albert) and Tony; as we have lost our drummer Andrew who is now back in his home town of North Carolina. We have briefly discussed about finding a new drummer and we even put up an ad for a a few days before taking it down we eventually as we have both decided to go down the path of possibly using the computer for backbeats.

We figured that being down to just two members will force us to be more creative and free to try out new sounds that we haven’t really had the opportunity of exploring back when we were a “rock n’ roll” band. I personally have been playing the piano and synths more and messing around in Ableton Live, coming up with a few song ideas that I am really excited about finishing up and eventually playing live.

For now I guess we’ll keep working on our website and keep you updated. We promise to be more active online and setting up our website is going to be a major channel for that…


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